Submitting an Abstract

Abstracts for all Conference presentations will be printed in the Conference booklet and on the Conference webpage and app. The Program Committee will select some presentations for the oral program from the submitted abstracts and will notify those authors. Other submissions will be offered a poster presentation.

In preparing to make your submission, please ensure that you have read all the information below.

Click on the submission button, which will take you to a web portal, where you can register for the conference and submit your abstract.

10 January 2020


+ Before You Start

  • Ensure you use one of the following browsers: INTERNET EXPLORER (v11 or newer) MOZILLA FIREFOX (v44 or newer) SAFARI (v5 or newer)

  • Mac Users: if you have trouble submitting your abstract, try submitting from a PC. If you are still have issues, please contact the secretariat.

  • Mozilla Users: the security policy in Mozilla often prevents pasting from your clipboard without using the menu commands. You can still cut and paste your abstract into the submission, but you may have to use the menu command rather than ‘control v’ shortcut.

    • Ensure your abstract text is less than 300 words as the system will not accept submissions over this limit. The word count does NOT include your title, authoring or cited references

    • Have your abstract open on your own computer to enable you to cut and paste it into the submission system.

+ Submission Steps

You must be a registered and fully paid delegate before your abstract can be successfully submitted.

  1. Select the presentation type and category
  2. Provide some keywords to assist in categorisation of your abstract
  3. Enter the title of your abstract. Please type the title in sentence case (that is lowercase with only the first letter or the first word in capitals) and without any punctuation. A correctly formatted example follows: Title of my presentation for the conference
  4. Enter the name of all authors and their organisations and indicate the presenting author by ticking the relevant box.
  5. Type or cut and paste the text of your abstract/synopsis into the relevant field. Please ensure the abstract is no more than 300 words. (Does not include title, authoring or cited references)
  6. Preview your abstract, make any changes required and finalise your submission and return to your dashboard
  7. You will receive an email confirmation that your abstract has been successfully submitted. Please check your email junk file in case it has been captured there.
  8. Should you wish to make any changes to your abstract after you have submitted it, please log onto your online registration dashboard. Click on the “View Submission” then “Preview/edit abstract”. **Please note you will only be able to make changes to your abstract until the submission deadline, after which any changes should be sent to Annalee Gielb

+ Review Committee

The Conference Committee will review all submissions before selecting the presentations which will be included in the conference program. Due to time constraints, there will be a limit on the number of concurrent presentations.

+ Acceptance Notification

The review committee will notify authors of their program decisions in November 2019. Specific presentation instructions will be included in the notification.

+ Poster Submissions

The abstract system will ask authors to submit a 50 character title in addition to the official abstract title. This shorter title will be used in the pocket timetable produced for the conference.

Please note, presenters are permitted to submit one poster abstract only. If more than one poster abstract is submitted, you will be asked to specify which poster you would like to present and the additional abstracts will be withdrawn.

+ Displaying your Poster

If your poster is in Poster Sessions A or C (students), your poster will need to be put up after midday, then taken down between 6:00pm - 6:30pm on the day of your poster session.

If your abstract position number is an odd number, you will need to present your poster for the first hour of the session.

If your abstract position number is an even number, you will need to present your poster for the second hour of the session.

If you wish to stay longer than your allocated time it is also fine.

If your poster is in Poster Sessions B or D (non-students), your poster will need to be put up after 6:30pm on the day of your poster session and taken down before midday on the day after your presentation. The approved way of attaching your abstract is with Velcro.

Please visit the organiser’s office for additional supplies. See the poster listing for abstract numbers.

+ Student Poster Prizes

A number of poster presentation prizes are awarded at each conference (see “Past Award Winners” page of website).

Only student posters (i.e. those in the afternoon sessions) will be subject to judging.

If you do not want to be judged, please indicate this to the registration desk if you have not let Diana Stojanovski know ahead of the meeting.

Each poster will have at least one judge allocated, who will usually be an invited international or local speaker. Each judge will have approximately 7-9 posters to assess.

The judge will assess each poster presentation on scientific content, visual clarity and quality of verbal communication.

The best poster presentation as determined by each judge will be awarded a poster prize.