Past Leach Lectures



Presentation Title

2018 Raymond Norton  Venom peptides as drugs: the long and winding road
2017 Marilyn Anderson

Evolution, function and applications of plant defensins

2016 Bruce Kemp

My 40 years of kinases: The importance of serendipity 

2015 Eric Reynolds Phosphopeptides, proteases, a secretion system and oral health – a journey in dental research
2014       Anne Dell Glycoproteomic strategies: Exploring the glyco in glycoproteins
2013 Stephen Kent Reimagining the natural protein world through total chemical synthesis
2012 Brian Matthews Protein crystallography: Getting in on the ground floor.
2011 Robin Carrell How serpins raise our blood pressure, dormice survive and Australians thrive.
2010 Edward Baker Serendipity and discovery: structure, assembly and stability of Gram-positive bacterial pili.
2009 Colin Masters Aß oligomers as tractable targets for Alzheimer s disease diagnostics and therapeutics.
2008 Peter E. Wright Exploring the energy landscape: Disorder, dynamics, and protein function.
2007 David de Kretser The highly conserved proteins, the activins and follistatin, exhibit actions from reproduction to inflammation and tissue repair.
2006 Elizabeth Blackburn Telomeres and telomerase in human health and disease.
2005 T. Jack Martin PTHrP, from cancer hormone to multifunctional protein.
2004 John Wallace The biotin-dependent enzymes: their structures, their functions and their challenges.
2003 Robin Anders Vaccinating against malaria with recombinant proteins: How important is protein conformation?
2002 Richard Perham Multifunctional Enzymes and Swinging Arms: From Genes to Catalytic Machines.
2001 Colin Ward Relationships Between the Insulin Receptor Family and Other Proteins.
2000 Russell Doolittle Reconstructing History with Protein Sequences.
1999 Roger Y. Tsien Imaging and Manipulating Protein Interactions and Gene Expression in Individual Cells.
1998 Geoffrey Tregear Relaxin: Understanding the Structure is Easier than Elucidating Biological Function.
1997 Nicholas Hoogenraad Molecular Chaperones: Mediators of Protein Structure and Function.
1996 Leroy Hood Joining the DNA and Protein Worlds.
1995 Donald Metcalf Biochemical Aspects of Haemopoietic Regulators – a View from the Wings.
1994 Jose N. Varghese Three-dimensional Structures of Barley (1-3, 1-4)-ß- and (1-3)-ß-Glucanases.
1993 Edmond H. Fischer Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases.
1992 Adrienne E. Clarke Molecular Genetics of Self-incompatibility in Flowering Plants.
1991 Robert Huber Serine and Cysteine Proteases and their Natural Inhibitors. Structures and Implications for Function And Drug Design.
1990 Anthony W. Burgess Identification and Design of Functional Motifs in Polypeptide Growth Factors.
1989 J.Mitchell Guss Blue Copper Proteins – Structures, Predictions and Fictions.
1988 Nicos A. Nicola Biological and Receptor-binding Specificities of  Colony-stimulating Factors.
1987 Peter M. Colman The Three-dimensional Structure of a Complex of Influenza Virus Neuraminidase and an Antibody at 3Å Resolution.
1986 Robert L. Baldwin Salt Bridge and Helix dipole Interactions Controlling α-helix Stability.