Welcome to the 44th Lorne Conference on
Protein Structure and Function

10th - 14th February 2019

The goal of this meeting is to highlight leading edge protein science, irrespective of its focus. The meeting includes oral and poster presentation sessions, a young investigator session, trade workshops, social events and trade displays. 

Our conference adheres to the London Code of Conduct. The conference organisers are committed to creating a meeting environment that is safe, professional and of mutual trust where diversity and inclusion are valued, and where everyone is entitled to be treated with courtesy and respect

Anders Young Investigator Awards
In recognition of the very fine contributions to science made by young protein scientists, the Lorne Conference for Protein Structure and Function each year makes one to four special awards. Traditionally they have been referred to as the “Young Investigator Award” – but we have now renamed them

“The Robin Anders Young Investigator Award“

This is in honour of one of our great contributors to the Conference – Chair of 15 years between 1985-2000, attendee of all but the first meeting, and Leach Lecturer in 2003 – Professor Robin Anders.

If you are an early career scientist, would you like to be considered for a Robin Anders Young Investigator Award? Please visit the Anders Young Investigator page for more information and instruction on how to apply!

We look forward to seeing you in February!

Confirmed Invited Speakers









Prof Frances Arnold | California Institute of Technology, USA
Prof Nenad Ban | ETH Zürich, Swizterland
Prof Patrick Cramer | Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany
Prof Eleanor Dodson | University of York, UK
Dr Tamir Gonen | Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA
Prof Leo James | Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK
Dr David Komander | Cambridge Biomedical Campus, UK
Prof Tanja Kortemme | UCSF School of Pharmacy, USA
Prof Eva Nogales | University of California Berkeley, USA
Prof Michael Rosen | UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA
Dr Mikhail Savitski | EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
Prof Helen Walden  | University of Glasgow, UK