University of Oxford, UK

Simon Newstead’s group focuses on understanding how nutrient transporters function at a molecular level, primarily using protein crystallography and single particle cryo-EM imaging.

 He is Professor of Molecular Membrane Biology in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Oxford and the Biochemistry tutor at Christ Church. He received his MBiochem (Hons.) degree from the University of Bath in 2001 and his PhD from the University of St Andrews in 2004. Simon then joined Professor So Iwata, at Imperial College London, where he worked on structural studies of secondary active transporters. In 2009, he was awarded an MRC career development award to establish a research group at the University of Oxford. In 2013 he became an Associate Professor and Wellcome Investigator, and in 2015 he was promoted to Professor of Molecular Membrane Biology. Research in the laboratory is currently funded by the Wellcome Trust, MRC and BBSRC.