Professor Monika Fuxreiter

University of Debrecen, Hungary

Monika Fuxreiter applies computational tools and in vitro evolution to study the role of conformational heterogeneity in protein interactions.

Monika Fuxreiter received her PhD in theoretical chemistry and protein crystallography in Budapest, Hungary. She was a postdoc with Arieh Warshel, Nobel laureate in Chemistry (USC, Los Angeles). She worked at the Weizmann Institute (Rehovot, Israel) and at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Medical Research Council (Cambridge, UK). She pioneered understanding of the binding mechanisms of intrinsically disordered proteins and proposed the concept of fuzzy complexes. Monika Fuxreiter has developed the Fuzzy Protein Theory to link conformational heterogeneity to cellular function. In 2012, she founded the Laboratory of Protein Dynamics at the University of Debrecen. Monika Fuxreiter has received numerous prestigious awards, including the L'Oreal-Unesco Women for Science prize.