Prof Frances Arnold

Linus Pauling Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Biochemistry at Caltech, Frances Arnold pioneered protein engineering by directed evolution, with applications in alternative energy, chemicals, and medicine. She uses evolution augmented with machine learning to circumvent our profound ignorance of how DNA encodes protein function. She has been recognized by induction into the US National Academies of Science, Medicine, and Engineering, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Her awards include the Charles Stark Draper Prize of the National Academy of Engineering (2011), the Millennium Technology Prize (2016), and the US National Medal of Technology and Innovation (2011). Dr. Arnold chairs the Advisory Panel of the David and Lucille Packard Foundation Fellowships in Science and Engineering and is a Trustee of the Gordon Research Conferences. She co-founded Gevo, Inc. in 2005 to make fuels and chemicals from renewable resources and Provivi, Inc. in 2014 to develop non-toxic modes of agricultural pest control.

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