Prof Nenad Ban

Nenad Ban was born in Zagreb, Croatia and educated at the University of Zagreb. He continued with his studies in the US where he obtained a PhD degree at the University of California at Riverside and carried out postdoctoral work at Yale determining the atomic structure of the large ribosomal subunit in the laboratory of Thomas Steitz and demonstrating that the ribosome is a ribozyme.

Since 2000 Nenad Ban is Professor of Structural Molecular Biology at the ETH Zurich. His group provided fundamental insights into the process of protein synthesis in all kingdoms of life through their studies of ribosomes and their functional complexes using a combination of crystallographic, electron microscopic and biochemical experiments. Nenad Ban is a member of EMBO, the German Academy of Sciences and the recipient of several prizes including the Heinrich Wieland Prize, the AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize, the Ernst Jung Prize and the Otto Naegeli Prize for Medical Research.

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